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Indian Restaurant : Satisfy Your Taste Buds                  

Singapore is one of the most famous tourist place to go. This is not only because of the fact that Singapore is rich in tourist attractions but this country is also home to famous cuisines and finest dishes that you will surely crave for once you taste them. Singapore is flooded with restaurants and food shops that offer a wide selection of dishes that you will surely love. Whether you are visiting Singapore or a local or expat residing in Singapore, you will find an Indian restaurant there.

Daily Buffet

Indian Buffet Dinner

In Singapore, there is one name that has been the favorite place of those people who love Indian food, and that is the Bokhara Biryani and Kebab. Our restaurant bring to you the best original and authentic Indian, Mediterranean and Mughlai cuisines through blending the fresh ingredients with the finest herb and spice. We produce delightful and authentic Curries, Biryanis, Tandoori and Kebabs dishes. We have master chefs who will bring on your table the best Indian taste that you will surely enjoy.

Bokhara Biryani and Kebab is highly committed to serving its valued customers with not just delightful but healthy Indian foods. That is why we, at Bokhara Indian restaurant does not add any preservative on their dishes. We just want to give what is good for your taste buds and also what is good for your body.  One of the best Indian dishes that you should not miss to try today is the Dum Biryani.



Biryani Dum

It is cooked with perfection, with all of the best ingredients that you should love.

Bokhara Biryani and Kebab offers a wide variety of services that include the following:

  • Dine in Indian Restaurant
  • Seminars
  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings and anniversaries
  • Corporate events
  • House warming parties
  • School functions
  • High tea parties
  • Catering Services
  • Indian Food Delivery

Our Catering Services by Bokhara Biryani & Kebab

We also provide catering services for parties and events.

Our menus include the North Indian Menu #1, the North Indian Menu #2, North Indian Menu #3 and South Indian $12 for every pax. These menu choices include only the best Indian dishes that you will surely love. They have Reshmi Kebab, Chicken Manchuri, Ghee Rice, Pepper Chicken, Mutton Masala, Rogan Josh, Fish Green Masala and a lot more. The menu choices are not complete without the VegMenu numbers 1 and 2. These menu choices offer you the best veggie dishes.

Indian Food Delivery Service by Bokhara Biryani and Kebab

We do provide indian food delivery services too. If you crave for something to eat and you feel so tired that you can no longer cook food for yourself, why don’t you try the food deliver service offered by this Indian restaurant. Enjoy the best Indian food served at your table, within the comfort of your home.

Bokhara Biryani and Kebab is also known for providing Halal food and other famous foods from Indian cuisine. Once you taste them, you will surely crave for them. So what are you still waiting for? Pick up your phone now and call Bokhara Biryani and Kebab at 83997795 to place your order or Order Online.