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Biryani Delivery by Bokhara: Authentic, Original Biryani & Indian Food To Satisfy Your Taste Buds                  

We do biryani delivery.

Bokhara Biryani & Kebab started at a small shop house in North Bridge Road at the corner of Jln Kledek. It was started by IT professionals who didn’t have any experience in F&B. It was a dream to sell authentic, original Indian cuisine in Singapore. And its goal was to serve freshly prepared healthy food, with freshly blended spices without the use of preservatives, MSG and Ajinomoto.

We started in 2010, our struggle started with it. Without a name or brand and knowledge of industry, we were competing in an ocean. There are many Indian restaurants in Singapore, serving Indian food. The competition from established restaurant in North Bridge Road, some 80, 120 & 50 years old. There are many established names. It was like an ant taking on an elephant. The competition was very strong. Days and weeks went by without customers. Sometimes our daily sale was just $40 to $50. The days we did $200 sale was a celebration for us, we couldn’t believe ourselves that we made $200 sales. We use to wait for customer, customer arriving in cars and motorcycles, park their vehicles in front of our shops but patronising our competitors. Every evening we use to donate & distribute free, the food cooked for the day. It was the tough time. The Friday was a blessing for us. The sudden crowd after Friday prayer rushing for lunch would create seating scarcity in the established restaurant. Those who doesn’t get tables in established restaurant would turn to us, and we used to serve them. Those first-time visitors, who would come to eat in our restaurant due to non-availability of seats in established restaurant, became our regular patrons. And they became our saviors and by their word of mouth we went to expand and develop our business. We went to build our business, after a lot of struggle, from no customers to 2 – 3 customers a day to more than 300 customers a day. We used to close our door, due to heavy demand, to prepare more ingredients and food. While serving a large customer base our at times our quality suffered. 

After operating from North Bridge Road shop for 3 years we moved to Serangoon Road. We operated from there for 2 years. Considering the rising rental and cost of labor in Singapore we have decided to close our dine-in facility and operate our home delivery and catering services. 

Relooking at our mission and goal again, we decided we can’t compromise on our quality. If we have to succeed and win the competition we have to cook the food that once built our loyal customer base. We are committed to our goal and purpose. And, we decide to restrict our services to home delivery and catering only. Our quality has improved and we are able to win customers back. We are confident with support from our customer we will thrive again and open our dine-in facility.

Our Popular dish is Dum Biryani, its Unique and Different. We have also added our Signature dishes Mutton Korma, Chicken & Mutton green masala dry and Chicken Fry Kebab. Our dishes Biryani, Mutton Korma, Chicken & Mutton green masala dry and Chicken Fry Kebab are so unique and different, these are must try dishes & not available in any other restaurant. These dishes are prepared using our own tried and tested recipes which are not found in the market. One must try to believe it.

Singapore has many Indian restaurants. All are using ready made mixed spices and ready to use masalas to cook Indian cuisine. That use of ready mix or ready available mixed spices gave the same taste at all the biryani1restaurants. Moreover, the Biryani or Nasi Biryani or Dum Biryani sold at restaurants is not original auhentic biryani. This local version of biryani is yellow rice or pulau rice is served with mutton or chicken gravy cooked separately. If a customer asks for chicken biryani the same rice is served with the chicken meat and its gravy and if a customer likes to eat mutton biryani the same rice is served with mutton and its gravy. This is not biryani. 


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Indian Food Delivery Service by Bokhara Biryani and Kebab

We do provide Indian food delivery services too. If you crave for something to eat and you feel so tired that you can no longer cook food for yourself, why don’t you try the food delivery service offered by Bokhara Biryani. Enjoy the best Indian food within the comfort of your home.

Bokhara Biryani and Kebab is also known for providing Halal food and other famous foods from Indian cuisine. Once you taste them, you will surely crave for them. So what are you still waiting for? Pick up your phone now and call Bokhara Biryani and Kebab at 83997795 to place your order or Order Online.

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